More about FEMINIST FORUM at Rollins College

WCAFL was among those at the FEMINIST FORUM at Rollins College, Winter Park FL Oct 28-29 commemorating the 45th anniversary of the modern women’s movement.

“An Evening With Gloria Steinem” opened the forum. The crowded stadium-seated fully engaged audience of 3,000 was transfixed as they imbibed the inspiring and motivating words of Gloria Steinem, icon of feminism’s “second wave.   Gloria, the keynote speaker of the Forum, founder of MS magazine, a writer, lecturer and feminist activist continues the pursuit of equality for women, minorities and the disadvantaged worldwide.

Among those 3,000 attending were Judith Segall and Bonnie Sprung, WCAFL past-presidents,  Judith Kaplan, WCAFL VP and as Veteran Feminists of America ( VP, a Coordinator of the Rollins College – VFA Feminist Forum, and WCA, Fl members Elaine Person, Charon Luebbers, and Rhyssa Scott-Smith.  

WCAFL took the opportunity to distribute membership applications to the  newly enlightened audience.

The two day intergenerational event culminated six months of intergenerational dialogs between Rollins College Women’s Studies Students and veteran VFA feminists who had been at the ramparts of the “feminist movement” from the 1960s’ onward.  Other events included Gloria Steinem “Gloria” and Patricia Schroeder, “Pat”, former Colorado Congresswoman and Presidential candidate in a discussion on “Our Journey To Equality”.  Capping the event was  “Feminists Are Funny” a performance by Guerilla Girls On Tour. GGs, founded in 1985 by a group of women artists to focus on how women’s art was “missing” in museums, galleries, art history literature and collections.  The GGOT travel worldwide bringing that message to the public especially on college campuses. More information about the Forum is at
The Guerilla Girls will also be  at LA 40th Anniversary conference.  Also as a part of the event was a silent auction, featuring her triptych “Gloria” donated by none other than WCA’s Linda Stein.


Photos on the Event Photos page: Judith Kaplan, Judith Segall, Gloria Steinem, Patricia Schroeder. Judith Kaplan sharing with Pat Schroeder her collection of the free franks of women in Congress beginning with Jeanette Rankin, the first woman in Congress.  Kaplan was the creator and producer of the women's history collectible series "Women's History Series of U.S. First Day Covers by NOW-NY", 170 different uniquely illustrated U.S. First Day Covers.














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